Where To Buy Activated Charcoal In Kenya


You have probably heard of detoxification of maybe come across an article in your favorite magazine or the web talking about natural detoxification methods. Some may sound complicated and too good to be true, right? Well, there is one that many ladies are swearing by these days. They call it activated charcoal.  Wondering what the heck activated charcoal is all about? Well, we are going to talk about activated charcoal which has been highly regarded and proved as a natural detoxificant. We are also going to talk about where to buy activated charcoal in Kenya. The use of charcoal in Kenya dates a long way back to ancient times, so you do not need to worry about the health side effects of using activated charcoal in Kenya.

What is Activated Charcoal: Why is it Popular in Kenya?

Activated charcoal isn’t entirely the charcoal you use to heat up your barbeque; it is made from carbon-containing materials like wood heated at high temperatures and the oxidized (also referred to as activation).  Activated charcoal has lots of small pores which soak up a variety of chemicals, and that’s how activated charcoal gets it magic for beauty work.

There are many activated charcoal benefits but the ones that are known are the likes of using it to remove of ingested toxins and poisons. Others are:  Whitens Teeth, skin and body health, digestive cleansing, anti-aging, reduces high cholesterol.

Where To Buy Activated Charcoal in Kenya?

You’re now probably thinking..where can I buy activated charcoal in Nairobi? Yes, you can and as usual you can buy activated charcoal online in Nairobi. Just grab your smartphone and order online via Jumia or Western Cosmetics. You can also grab activated charcoal from Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya and Kenya Neem Foundation Herbal Clinic.

The need for extensive use of activated charcoal in the beauty industry has also led to increased demand for charcoal face mask. Well, if you are looking for charcoal face mask in Kenya then Activated Charcoal Kenyaand Nailycious are some of the places to look at.

Can You make Your Own Activated Charcoal?

You might also want to know how to make activated charcoal. Since most homes do not possess the means to oxidize the charcoal, we are not going to dwell on this so much; we are instead going to look at how to make activated charcoal powder in a factory scale. Basically, the wood is heated at temperatures 450-900C then saturated with phosphoric acid and finally washed to remove the acid.

Now, making activated charcoal at home isn’t easy and that’s why you are better off buying activated in Kenya.






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