How Our TV and Radio Consumption habits has Changed


I came across this tweet by Larry Kim
“Real disruption
1988: Don’t get in the car with strangers.
2018: Uber
1988: Don’t talk to people you don’t know
2018: Tinder
1988: Don’t let strangers enter your home
2018: AirBnB.”

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TV and Radio Consumption in the Past

It got me thinking about how the world is changing. The internet and the gadgets we own are changing our consumption behaviors.

Take for instance, as we were growing up, we had to check the programme guide on Newspapers to know when our favourite program say “Tausi” could air. From there, you could do all the chores, do your homework, take supper, and ensure you be in the sitting room by 8 pm to watch the programme in black and white TV.

vintage tv

The only source of energy that I knew of was solar and the Chloride Exide batteries. Taking these batteries for charging at a local center was one of the necessary chores, and you had to learn how to cycle so that you could at times, pick and drop them. That is how I learnt to ride a bicycle!

You could only watch TV when it was necessary.

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When it came to the radio, the only time to listen to the radio was during news times. And then I remember the only channel that we could get glued to was KBC Kisumu for prime news ready Jacob Kimulwo  His voice was and still unique!

TV and Radio Consumption Today

Fast Forward, today we have Video on Demand (VOD) and Over-the-top (OTT) services that have changed how to consume TV and radio content. The likes of Netflix, ShowMax, Hulu, iFlix, Viusasa, etc. We can now stream, and watch our favourite programs when we want and when we are ready on different devices not just on TV. Some radio stations Milele FM, NRG, and Hot 96 have even made it even easier for us to consume the content later easily on YouTube.
With the VOD and OTTs, you do not have to be all seated at the sitting room at a specific time watching the same show. You can be in different rooms using different devices and watching different programs. You can stream radio, watch live Radio like what NRG is providing to its consumers!

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  • Mobility-We can now view TVs at different locations
  • Content can now be streamed on multiple devices.
  • We can now watch content at our own convenience
  • Live streaming is the in thing and Traditional TV channels are branching to digital platforms like Social Media to engage with fans.

The Internet and devices we are using are changing our TV and Radio consumption. Do you agree?

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