Here is How to Apply for TSC Number Online, Application Requirements, Check Status


What is TSC?

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is a body mandated to register qualified persons as teachers and review their standards and training. Therefore, TSC is tasked with the certification and regulation of teachers in Kenya as stipulated by article 237 of the 2010 Kenya constitution.

What are TSC Number Application Requirements?

You cannot just walk into any classroom in Kenya today and start teaching. You must first be registered by TSC to obtain the TSC number that would give you the license to teach. The TSC Act 2012 and the late 2016 directive by the ministry of education has made it practically impossible to teach without a TSC number. If you are a Kenyan citizen and want to apply for a TSC number, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Poses relevant academic certificates (KCPE, KCSE, and Tertiary certificate).
  • Have a valid Certificate of Good Conduct.
  • Provide a copy of your Original National Identification card or Passport.
  • Provide a copy of the KRA Pin Certificate.
  • Have a dully-filled GP69 Medical form to ascertain that you are of sound mind.
  • Provide a deposit slip of the non-refundable TSC registration fee of Ksh. 1055. This money is payable through the National Bank of Kenya account number 01001000905001 or via TSC Pay Bill Number 625625.

If you are a repatriate, you must produce additional documents like a vetting letter from the ministry of Education and a genuine work permit from the immigration department.

Where you don’t have a KCPE certificate or any other relevant academic document, you cannot proceed with the application as it is one of the primary requirements.  Now, if you misplaced it, you can visit KNEC offices in South C and get guidance on how to obtain another one.

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Steps on TSC Number Online Registration

Now that TSC has fully moved online, no paper applications are accepted and so does the application for TSC number. The following steps highlight how you can apply for a TSC number online.

Step 1. Visit using your browser. On this page, read the instructions carefully before you proceed.

Step 2. Next, enter your ID/Passport number and surname in the respective fields then click “Next” to proceed.

Step 3. From the subsequent form, fill in the relevant details. Here you will provide personal information, upload academic documents, and payment slips among others. You should be keen because this form requires plenty of information.

Step 4. Lastly, when you have provided all the needed information, click the save button to finalize your application.

How to Check TSC Registration Status

When you have completed the application for TSC number online registration, TSC will review your application and give you feedback within 30 days. If your registration was accepted, TSC will give you the certificate of registration. You can then proceed to check your TSC number registration status online here

How to Check TSC Number

Once your application is for TSC registration is successful, you can always check for your TSC number as follows.

Step 1. Visit the TSC online service portal.

Step 2. Select the “Registration Status” tab.

Step 3. Enter your ID/Passport number then click “Go”. You should receive a confirmation message on your TSC number status.

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