10 Google Search Tips On How to Search on Google Effectively

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Is there any Google Search tip that you know that you use daily?

Online search is not something new to anyone with a smartphone or computer. We do online searches every day for anything and everything ranging from articles, guides, videos and images. But did you know there are Google search tips and tricks that can help you use and get most of your online search?

In this article, I will not only show you how to search on Google but also a few tips on sites that you can find engaging topics online.

Let us get started with Google search tips and tricks that you need to know

1. Use Quotation Marks (” “) to Search for an exact phrase

If you want to look for an exact say “Uhuru Kenyatta” then using quotation marks on the Google Search Engine will give you  results of exact words contain Uhuru Kenyatta and nothing else in between the words.

google search tips and tricks
google search tips and tricks use of quotes

2. Use Hyphen (-)to Exclude words

When you are searching, for instance, Jomo Kenyatta, Google will output results including Jomo Kenyatta University. Therefore, to exclude Jomo Kenyatta University from the Google search results, you need to use the hyphen to eliminate the search results with word “university”. For example:

“Jomo Kenyatta” -university

Google trick use of hyphen
Google trick use of hyphen

3. Use Asterisk (*) to search for a string of terms

Another Google search trick and tip that I find it most useful is the use of asterisk between words. This Google search trick often works for me when I am searching for a song that I have heard some parts of the Lyrics, but I don’t know the name or the artist of the song.

For instance, I heard of a reggae song in a matatu, and I wanted to know the song. I entered the following words that I heard:

help them lord*children*crying
And boom! The first result was the Lyrics of the song “Help Them Lord” by Chaka Demus.

Google tip and trick use of Asterisk
Google tip and trick use of Asterisk

4. Use A Colon(:)to Search Content on Specific Sites

Another Google tip and trick you need to know is the use of a colon to search for content in specific sites or domains. Assuming there was a story of a person you look up to that you had read in a particular site and you want to re-read or share it with your friends.

For instance, there was an article about Bitange Ndemo on Standard website that I wanted to share with a friend. This is what I searched for:

bitange ndemo: standard

I got results of all Standard website on topic Bitange Ndemo

Google Search Tip use of colon
Google Search Tip use of colon

5. Use File Type operators to Search for documents

Did you know that you can Google search specific file types online such as PowerPoints, PDF, Word Document among online? Yes, it is straightforward and very accurate. What you need to do is combine colon operator, term filetype and the file extension of the document like pdf, doc, ppt, ebup among others.

For instance, I wanted to find Nendo’s report of the state of mobile data 2019. On the search engine, I executed the following:

Nendo mobile data filetype:pdf

Google tip and tricks file type operators
Google tip and tricks file type operators

If it were a word document, I would use Nendo mobile data filetype: doc

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6. Use In Title Operator to search for a page with Specific Titles

At times you may want to search for a webpage with specific  words in the title. This method comes in handy for celebrities and popular figures if they want to know what blogs are talking and writing about them.
For example, if you want webpages with title Akothee then this is the Google search trick. Enter the following:


Google tip and trick use of in title
Google tip and trick use of in title

7. Finding sites That are Similar to Each Other

In some cases, you might be doing research, and you want to find a website that is similar to what you have just visited. Here, you will use term related, a colon and the name of the website. For instance, if you are a job seeker and you have just visited JobwebKenya.com, and you want other job listing websites then enter the following:


Google search tip related content
Google search tip related content

8. Search for Images

We live in an era that there is a quick spread of fake content including images. For instance, a few weeks ago there were images going around on social media on starving Kenyans in Turkana. The drought was true, but the images that appeared online were recent while some were from past years.

Therefore, to verify an image on Google at hand, you can use the Google image reverse to debunk the image. Search for Google Image Reverse and then click on the first link and you will be able to upload and scan the image online. You will be able to find the information about the image.

Image reverse search
Image reverse search

9. Other Google Search tips

At this point, I am sure you have learnt much, but our list of tips and tricks would not be complete by not mentioning the kind of filters that you can use on Google Search Engine. On the Google Search Engine, you can filter searches according to News, Images, Map, Time, and License type.

Google search filters
Google search filters

10. Use Forums to get discussions

Lastly, when you need to get reviews on specific topics of your interest locally, then you can join free minded Kenyans on KenyaTalk. You can also find useful reviews and topics on Quora and Reddit. They are free, and all you need is to create an account.

Final Thought

With the above Google search tips and tricks, I am sure you will be more accurate in your searches in future.
If you have more Google search tips and tricks that works for you that you would love to share drop them in the comment section below.

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