Facebook Messenger Mode: Facebook Messenger now has Dark mode and Here is how to Enable it


Early this year 2019, the Facebook Messenger dark mode was being tested in selected countries but the Facebook Messenger dark mode is now with us.

Have you ever woken up early in the morning or going to be late and you check on your Facebook Messenger chats? The light on the screen of your phone can be too flashy that might affect your eyes.

Well, the good news is, you can now enable the dark mode on Facebook Messenger and chat comfortably.  To enable the dark mode on Facebook Messenger, you do not have to install any app, but you just need to send one of your chats a crescent moon emoji. Interesting, right?

Now, the guide below takes you through on how to enable the Facebook Messenger Mode and how to disable the Facebook Messenger Dark mode easily.

How to enable Facebook Messenger Mode on Phone

To make things easier for you here is how to enable Facebook Messenger Mode on Phone.

Step 1. First, go to your Facebook Messenger App on your phone and open it. If you do not have the Facebook Messenger app, you can install it from Play Store.

Facebook Messenger App

Step 2. On the Facebook Messenger chats, select one user whom you can send the crescent emoji probably a friend who wouldn’t mind you sending the emoji.

Step 3. Next, search for the 🌙 Crescent Moon emoji on your Keyboard and tap send button. If it is an emoji that you frequently use, then it will be displayed the “Frequently Used.”

Step 4. After sending the 🌙 crescent moon Emoji, tap on “Me” profile at the top left which is your profile photo.

Step 5. On the new screen, you will see the Facebook Messenger Dark mode button. Enable the Dark mode by toggling it to the right.

Boom! And there you get the Facebook Messenger Dark mode.

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How to Disable to Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

If you had enabled the Facebook Messenger Dark Mode and you want to go back to normal mode, then you have to disable it. It is pretty simple.

Step 1. On your Facebook Messenger, tap on your Profile at the top left to get the deactivation mode.

Step 2. Again, you will see the Dark Mode enabled. Toggle the Dark mode to the left, and that is how to disable the Facebook Messenger Dark mode.

Note that this feature might not be available to everyone and you might get a response “ work in progress.”

For me, it worked. Drop your comments below and let me know if you can enable the Facebook Messenger Mode.

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