Exploring the diverse Kakamega Forest in Kenya


Kenya is renown for its magnificent game parks, reserves and idyllic tropical beaches. However, there are large areas of the country that remain largely unknown and seldom visited, such as the western region. The west of Kenya is an area of great geographic, cultural and natural diversity, offering visitors just as much, if not more, than many of Kenya’s better known tourist areas.

As the agricultural center of the country the western region is characterised by lush hills, forests, farms and sprawling tea estates – a refreshing contrast to the savannah reserves elsewhere in Kenya.
A major attraction in the region is the Kakamega Forest – a tiny fragment of remnant tropical rainforest, once linked to the great Equatorial forests of the Congo basin, it is believed to have once stretched along the equator across the entire expanse of Africa. Kakamega Forest resembles the rain forests of Central and West Africa much more than any other forest type in East Africa. It is characterised by towering buttressed trees, tangled vines, intermingled branches, and a profusion of flowering plants, including a variety of orchids. READ FULL STORY………………………………

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