The dark side of cycling


ndoor cycling is addictive and nothing improves mood more than a long bike ride in Karura Forest.

But cycling, despite having a myriad of physical and mental health benefits from improving the heart, toning the lower abdomen to teaching you resilience, it has its dark side —it can wreak havoc on your posture.

Side Effects

* Headaches:
A rounded-forward posture, rigid upper back and tight hips, can result to tension headaches, low back pain. Poor posture can also cause loss of normal spinal curvature.

* Sweating
You can lose up to 200 milligrams of bone-building calcium in an hour as you soak your jersey on a hot ride. Put in long training miles each week you will deplete your body of so much calcium that it becomes harder to replace, especially as you age.

* Osteoarthritis
Cycling also requires your legs to move in a repetitive motion, which can cause overuse injuries/osteoarthritis. The hips and knees are most commonly affected.

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