Clean Energy Sources: What are the Main Types of Clean Renewable Energy?


With a number of similar terms in the world of renewables, many are wondering what is clean energy and what are the sources associated with it? Understanding the line between dirty energy and clean energy can be more complicated than one might think and our research shows that one of the roadblocks that discourages people from purchasing clean energy systems is the combination of too many options and too little information. To help clear the way forward for everyone, we’ve created the following simple, top-line primer to lay the foundation for learning more about clean energy options that are available to you.

types of clean energy sources

What is Clean Energy?

Clean energy refers to any source of power that does not pollute or harm the environment. Clean energy can be distinguished from renewable power in that clean power is focused on carbon emission reduction as a method of counteracting “dirty” energy as a primary goal whereas renewables would be, by definition, focused on the ability to reuse a resource as an ultimate goal.

The two terms will generally have consistent crossover (such as solar power which is certainly a renewable AND clean energy source) but it is still important to understand the difference.From a higher level perspective, these are the primary examples of clean energy or non polluting sources of power (all are considered renewable energy resources as well. Continue reading

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