April Fools’ Day 2019: The Best and Worst Pranks by Kenyans Brands


April Fools’ Day 2019 came, and it was time pranksters to shine. As a Kenyan, you might have encountered one or two pranks or jokes from friends. The big question is, did you fall for those pranks?

Now let us see some of April’s Fools Day 2019 in the Kenyan scene and tell us at the comment section if believed them

Newspapers Pranks

  • The Star

You woke up to news headline Murathe forgives DP Ruto, promises to ensure he wins the 2022 presidential race by The Star and you believed it? Sorry, that was a prank. The Star has taken its social media pages that  Murathe did not call Ruto, pledge support in 2022.

  • Media Max

Another prank that Kenyans received with a lot of excitement was the news that Uhuru ‘to nominate’ Akothee Culture CS by the People’s Daily.  I can say that this well cleverly crafted since it came at a time Akothee has been making headlines and trending on social media platforms for distributing food in Turkana.   One could have easily believed this. Amazingly a lot of people on social media still think it’s true.

  • Daily Nation and Nairobi News Sports

For football fanatics and loyal Harambee stars you must see this headline: Afcon-bound Harambee Stars to play French national team in Paris. Okay, keep calm it was a prank.  According to Nairobi News, the reality is “Harambee Stars are expected to travel to France sometime in June for a training camp ahead of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nation to be hosted by Egypt from 21 June to 19 July 2019.”

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April Fools’ Day 2019 Pranks by Brands that Caught our Attention

Away from the Dailies prank, did you see these pranks on social media platforms?

  1. Blueband Pre-Spread Bread

There were posts of Blue Band Pre-spread bread that were going around. Although the image source was not on Blueband handle it caught some Kenyans off-guard. But it looks tasty though.

  1. Jambo Jet’s 50 bob flight 

Jambo Jet also pulled a prank on Kenyans.  They tweeted that they will be celebrating their 5th Birthday and between 1st and 7th April one could fly at only 50 Bob. They went ahead and said only 100 seats were remaining.  Flying for 50bob? Not even a Boda Boda guy can take you from point A to B in town with 50 bob shillings.

  1. Safaricom’s Masoko HyperMarket

The giant service provider Safaricom could not be left behind in this April Fools’ day Buzz. In a tweet, Safaricom announced that they were launching and Hypermart where you could shop and great discounts. We know Safaricom are capable of doing anything and if you almost believed that then it is a prank as they later tweeted in a post that it is a prank.

  1. Naivas Posho Mill

Another prank that was targeted at Bungoma residence was the launch of first Posho Mill by Naivas in Bungoma.  The Facebook post read “Make sure you carry your reward card to benefit from this great deal (kusyaga maindi) of 1kg at 2 bob.”

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  1. Bonfire Adventures Unga

Bonfire Adventures also participated in the April Fools’ day 2019 by announcing the launch of Bonfire Unga. They posted that a kg of Bonfire Unga costed 40shillings while 2kg goes for 80 shillings. Okay, Bonfire, from Tours and Travel to Unga? You should have just known that was a prank from the word go.

  1. SafeBoda Passenger Helmet

Lastly, the motorcycle industry was well represented by SafeBoda April Fools’ day 2019 prank.  SafeBoda took its social to announce the introduction of the latest passenger helmet which allows you to access WiFi, charge your phone and watch Netflix on the go.

Mmh well, this looks a good idea if implemented. But one wonders, what if you bought the helmet and used it in your home?

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Final Thoughts

In the past, we were used to April Fools’ day pranks being a thing of newspapers and radio stations. However, with the rise of social media, we see brands get involved in April Fools’ day creatively and engage its customers.

As Alex Holder, creative and marketing expert said April Fools’ day is a chance for brands to prove to their customers that they can be funny and human. Also, it is the only time of a year; some brands feel safe telling a joke.

So which April Fools’ day 2019 prank stood out for you?

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