Anti-HIV treatment – let’s get the facts right


4th May was the national roll out of the oral HIV Pre-exposure Prohylaxis (PrEP) by the Ministry of Health in Kenya. HIV PrEP is provision of medication to HIV negative people at high risk of HIV acquisition. They would need to use it regularly in order to prevent infections. This HIV prevention pill has generated a lot of excitement.

PrEP targets high risk groups and in Africa, this includes in some circumstances, teenage girls. A well written article in the Daily Nation raised the issue of rising numbers of new infections in young girls …….

However, there were still a lot of questions left answered.

I raised the questions with Dr Kimani Makobu who is a medical doctor and PhD student. Dr Kimani’s research is investigating the use of PrEP among men who have sex with men and female commercial sex workers in Malindi.

What is the different between post-exposure prophylaxis and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)? Continue reading

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