10 Incredible Stories About The Exploration Of Africa


Africa was long been a mysterious, magical, and downright frightening place. The northern parts were explored first, leaving the rest of the land long shrouded in superstition, story, myth, and legend. Venturing into this uncharted land was no small endeavor, and some incredible stories arose as a result of doing so.

10: Map-Making


Early map-making was far from an exact science. Some of the earliest maps we have provide an interesting look into just what we thought about unexplored lands.

The earliest map we have of the entire continent of Africa was done by Sebastian Munster—a German scholar and Hebrew professor—around 1554. He got his information from interviewing German scholars and immigrants, collecting and compiling different maps they carried into one. Before dying of the Black Plague, he was one of the most influential mapmakers of the day, and what his map of Africa included gives us an interesting look into just what people told him the continent was like.
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