Is Social Media Essentially A Medium Used to Complain About Brands?


Handling Customer Social Media Complaints

How are you handling social media complaints as a brand? Most brands have embraced the digital disruption by adopting the use of social media to reach out to its customers and engage with them.  Social media is now a platform where the sentiments of a customer can be heard publicly.

When I say publicly, I mean that can be seen and read by anyone. For instance, imagine a customer has complaints about your product on a channel like Twitter. Will you ignore it? Will you blame the customer? Definitely no. As a brand, you will respond to your customers in a manner that will give a positive image of your company otherwise the interactions can be viewed negatively by viewers on your timeline.

Why Do Customers opt for Social Media? 

So, why are customers opting for social media channels like Facebook and Twitter over phone calls and emails?  From my perspective, customers want a platform that they can be heard instantly and responded to faster. Therefore, by the time a customer considers to launch a social media complaint on a preferred channel like Twitter or Facebook, they have seen that your brand is more responsive on that platform compared to other… Click To Tweet

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Social media Customer service Tips

As a brand how should leverage social media complaints from your customers?

1. Be Available 24/7

A good social customer service should be active 24/7 depending on the nature of your business. Take for instance Kenya Power. Going through their feeds you will notice that they are always active on Twitter 24/7 addressing the social media complaints of their customers.

2. Be Proactive

According to the “State of the Internet in Kenya 2017” report released by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), 7.1 million of Kenyans are on Facebook while one million Kenyans were active on Twitter as at September 2017 Click To Tweet.  This report shows that Kenya’s social media consumption is on the rise. Therefore, as a brand, you can leverage your platform by taking actions and communicating to users about your brand. For instance, if there is a problem with a system feel free to inform your customers rather than waiting for them to raise complaints. Have a look this tweet by SportPesa

3. Be Creative and Alert

As I had mentioned earlier no response is a response. If you go silent the customers will view your product in a negative lens. As you respond, ensure you are creative in your response, be emphatic and give room for more discussion or rather support. Here is an example from UberKenya on Twitter.

As for the customer what you should you consider when making complaints or raising an alarm to a brand

  1. Choose the correct handle of username. Be aware of fake accounts. You can visit a brand official website and use the sits social media link to get the right handle.
  2. Go through the company tweet feeds. You might find that your complaints had been addressed earlier.
  3. Although you may want an instant response, it is important to wait for a response before sending a series of tweets or switching channels.


Social media is indeed a medium that customers are using to complain and about brands. This shows how important it is to create a social media customer service team in a company that responds to customers complaints, create customer engagement hence creating customer loyalty.

Feel free to drop a comment on how you are handling social media complaints in your company

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