Sales and Marketing Gimmicks that Annoy Kenyans


Sales and Marketing Strategies that Annoy Kenyans

It is a new year and as a business owner in Kenya you are laying down marketing strategies that will attract the right customers, fuel business growth churn profits and still be in the market.

As you focus and think out of marketing strategies whether offline or online strategies, it is clear that some of Kenyans may not be pleased with your marketing gimmicks. Looking at  a post on Kenya’s popular Facebook group 52-week Savings Challenge Kenya by one of the member, it spark a great contribution by the members on what marketing strategies they have noticed in Kenya that annoy them.

Here is the original post

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Examples of marketing gimmick that annoy Kenyans

Amazingly, other members joined and shared what annoys them.

Notably, many are angered by those people who sell bleaching cream along River Road. If you are a lady and you have used River Road, you must have come across  some ladies outside persuading you to buy “Mafuta”. Here is what some said about that

Also, Some Kenyans do not like a person following them around the store as they shop. They believe that they know what they are looking for and no one needs to follow them around.

Furthermore, you should also understand the policies and laws of a given business environment. If you go hawk in a place where they have restricted hawking then do not be surprised that your are pissing off some Kenyans as you try to make ends meet.

Moreover, there are those hawkers who sell kids toys. They will trap you to buying the toys by bringing the toy to your kid.

You should have also noted those guys at food court in some malls who come and surround you with their menus.  Each one is trying to persuade you to order with them and you cannot even go through the menus.

Today, Facebook groups such as Kilimani Mums Marketplace or Soko ya 1000 bob or less has enabled many Kenyans to sell their products online. However, there are gimmicks that notable among some online sellers like posting a product without a price. And when you ask them in the comment section about the price, they  tell you to send a direct message. But why?

Never Give Up

But then again, there are those who feels the energy focused and marketing.

As an SME , just learn and keep going. At the end of it all the customer is always right

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