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Look at his smile, feel so happy for him. He just need to keep trying, lack of luck in the last few attempts, finally converted a golden opportunity. , so happy for you!

Half time 3-0 🔴😎👍👏


On behalf of the Labour Party, I laid a wreath at Anfield in memory of the 96 children, women and men who lost their lives at Hillsborough.

And we pay tribute to the families and survivors who fought tirelessly for the truth and for justice. #LIVSOU #JFT96pic.twitter.com/48fai9Y1TI

Huge amounts of food are donated here before @LFC matches for food banks in Liverpool – last year providing 11,000 meals for families across the city.

Record levels of food bank use is a national scandal but people coming together to help others is inspirational. #LIVSOU #Lab18pic.twitter.com/OqmLzho0TO


Yessss @MoSalah scored..#LIVSOU

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