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Where can I learn data science course in Kenya or how do I become a data scientist in Kenya?

These are the most asked questions on the Google search engine. Well, if you want to become a data scientist in Kenya it is more obvious than not that you need to undertake a data science course. The most suitable place to study data science in Kenya is at Predictive Analytics Lab.

About Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics registered as Treplex Data Hub Ltd is a NITA certified data science centre in Nairobi, Kenya that enables you to kick start your career in Data Science.  The data science lab offers different types of training based on your skill competency. You could be a professional, a university graduate, a university student or even a form four leaver and still join Predictive Analytics Lab. Currently, they have operations in four countries: Kenya, Uganda, Kigali and South Africa with fully-fledged data science labs in Johannesburg and Nairobi.

Types of Data Sciences Courses offered at Predictive Analytics Lab Trainings

Here are types of data science programs offered at the Lab:

To guide you through the data science career path, there is a program called Switching to Big Data Career Coaching.

In this one on one coaching session, you will be coached by MIT trained and certified Data Scientist, Certified Business Coach Tim Oriedo, who is the founder of the lab on the benefits of getting into Big Data. Also, he will take you through on the latest technologies, coach you on what you need to know about big data and data science, provide mentorship and give you career advice on how to get a data science job in Kenya.

The duration of this coaching session is one month.

At Predictive Analytics lab, you will be trained on how to become a data scientist using Python for Data Science.  In this 12-week course you will be taught on Python language fundamentals. These includes basic syntax, variables, and types, learn how to build NumPy arrays, Pandas DataFrames.

Also, with this Introduction to Data Science course will enable you to distinguish between machine learning and frequentist approaches to statistics, data visualization using Matplotlib and Seaborn all the way to implementing classification and regression models using machine learning.

By the end of the course, you will be able to score new datasets, evaluate model fit, and quantify variable importance.

  •  Intermediate Data Science Class

Once you have completed the Introduction to Data Science course, you can further your data science knowledge by mastering the predictive analytics with Python for Data Science at the Intermediate Class.

Moreover, this 8-week course, aims to teach you the importance of data analytics in this new era of rapidly growing innovation and technologies.

You will learn about data science life cycle, end to end data science pipelines, Machine Algorithms using Scikit-learn and  feature extraction using Pandas and NumPy. Also, you will learn feature engineering using Scikit and NumPy, Model fine-tuning, Box stacking and Blending.

Furthermore, by the end of this course you will be a master of data science in Kenya who is eligible for different domains. Domains such as Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Consultant and Statistical analyst among others.

Why join the Predictive Analytics Lab?

Here is why you need to learn data science at Predictive Analytics data training lab. You will:

  • Be taught by industry experts in the field of data science.
  • Get a data science certification in Kenya after completing the program.
  • Have one on one free coaching and mentorship sessions from industry leaders.
  • Have an opportunity to attend their events and
  • Get data science internship from the partnered companies when they have openings.

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