Facebook User Growth Slows According to Q2 2018 Report


Facebook has announced its Q2 2018 results. On July 25th 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that more than 2.5 billion people are using at least one of its apps. That is Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger.  “We just shared our community update and quarterly results. Our community now has more than 2.5 billion people using at least one of our apps each month.” according to his Facebook post.

According to TechCrunch “2.5 billion people compares to 2.23 billion monthly users on Facebook, 1 billion users on Instagram, 1.5 billion users on WhatsApp, and 1.3 billion users on Messenger” Click To Tweet

A further look into the report shows Facebook has amassed 1.471 million Daily active users This is an increase from the 1.449 million DAUs in Q1 2018.

Daily Active Users

When it comes to Monthly Active Users (MAU), Facebook has seen a growth of 38 million users. The MAUs the first quarter of 2018 was 2.196 million users and as of second quarter the MAUs stand at 2.234 million.

Monthly Active Users

Furthermore, this report shows an increase in DAU and MAU but a deeper look into the stats shows that Facebook growth has actually stagnated.

Facebook Growth decline
Photo Credit: Techcrunch

Revenue Growth

Also, the report shows that there was a growth of 42% in revenue amidst the user growth slowness, but slower compared to previous percentage growth rates.

Q2 2018 Revenue

Interestingly, Chief Financial Officer David Wehner revealed that Facebook still expects to stagger in revenue growth “Our total revenue-growth rates will continue to decelerate in the second half of 2018, and we expect our revenue growth rates to decline by high-single-digit percentages from prior quarters sequentially in both Q3 and Q4,”

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On Safety and Security

Besides the numbers, Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned the efforts they have made in security and safety. Mark Zuckerberg said that in the Q2 2018, “our systems identified and removed thousands of fake accounts, pages, and groups before the Mexican elections. Click To Tweet We launched our tool to make political advertising much more transparent, including letting you see who any political or issue ad is targeting, how much they’re spending and more.” in his Facebook post.

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