Dstv ‘Conned’ Subscribers: No Champions League Football For Compact Users


Dstv has been running a mouthwatering campaign that has attracted lots of customers into the compact package after the great supersport 3 was supposedly added into the fray. Well, as expected many soccer fans around the country jumped into the wagon expecting some live EPL and Champions League action. In fact, new installations request were at a high that it took some more than 24 hours to get activated. Apparently the campaign was all a well planned ‘scam’ as the supersport 3 in the package was sort of ‘imbo’, not showing a single UCL match!! Just to rub salt on the wound, there was no single match on a single Supersport channel on the package. As expected fans didn’t find these con funny with many venting their anger on pay TV provider that has attracted lots of criticism around the continent. Here are some of the reactions we picked from twitter:

It remains to be seen if dstv will rethink this service but judging by the look of things, there will be an exodus out of the package soon.

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