CCTV Camera Installation Nairobi: Where to Buy CCTV Cameras in Kenya


Where to Buy CCTV Cameras in Kenya

Looking for CCTV Camera Installation for my place. With at least 6 cameras. Looking for something which I can also access from my phone or iPad and see what’s happening in real time. Who can help?

Assuming you are one among the many Kenyans who value security and want to secure your business premise or home, like in the case of that user inquiring about where to buy CCTV Camera in Kenya.  It is often a daunting task when you have no idea about the best CCTV installers in Kenya or any CCTV companies in Kenya. There are different CCTV camera installers in Kenya but you want to work with professional and well-experienced CCTV Dealers in Kenya. Now, we will be telling you about Calidad systems, a company that can help you with CCTV installations be it fresh CCTV installations, CCTV maintenance or CCTV system upgrades.

Why Calidad Systems CCTV Camera Installation Nairobi?

Calidad Systems is a certified CCTV installer company in Nairobi Kenya that offers ICT services at an affordable price. They not only specialize in CCTV installation Nairobi but they also offer other services like cloud computing, cloud security, information security and information management for your business.

Calidad Systems CCTV Camera Installers Nairobi

If you need home CCTV  camera installation or office CCTV camera installation, Calidad Systems has got you covered. They offer CCTV camera installation services for premises, shopping centres, prisons, schools, offices, and industrials park, at a cheaper price compared to other CCTV installers in Nairobi. They have a team of professional engineers with vast experience in installing CCTV cameras regardless of the size of the installation.

Calidad CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera

Moreover, after they have done a CCTV camera installation, Calidad Systems ensures that they maintain them.  Also, give you a one-year system warranty for each CCTV Camera system they install for you. Furthermore, it worth mentioning that Calidad Systems can help you set up IP-based CCTV surveillance in Kenya. This means that you can surveil activities at your home, office or shopping mall from anywhere around the world. How brilliant is it!

How to Contact Calidad system CCTV Camera installers Nairobi

To get in touch with Calidad System CCTV camera installers in Nairobi about CCTV installation costs and more ICT services in Kenya you can visit the official website Calidad Systems

You can also visit their offices at Kabarsiran Garden Road, next to Embassy of Hungary, Nairobi.  Alternatively, you can contact them through this number +(254) 724 833 843If you prefer emails, then contact them via:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Facebook: Calidad Systems Limited

LinkedIn:  Calidad Systems Limited

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