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In record cold temps, Desi Linden’s :
-Waited back for her countrywoman, Shalane Flanagan to take a bathroom break
-Caught back up to the pack
-Won the race in an unofficial time of 2:39:54, becoming the first American woman to win since 1985.



Desi Linden (@des_linden) WINS the #BostonMarathon!!! This is why you never give up! Des debuted here at Boston and 11 years later wins. Success takes hard work.
2007: 18th, 2:44:56
2011: 2nd, 2:22:38
2014: 8th, 2:23:54
2015: 4th, 2:25:39
2017: 4th, 2:25:06
2018: 1st, 2:39:54 pic.twitter.com/CecnTqlRNe



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