Apply For Tala Loan: How To Download & Apply A Tala Loan


Tala, formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi is a popular loan app in Kenya market that provides credit through your mobile phone with low charges and a relatively easy repayment schedule. Disbursement of loan can amount up to Kshs 50,000 depending on your credit score. You can always borrow a Tala loan and repay it once you get the cash.  If you are caught in  a fix, how do you apply for Tala Loan?  To answer this, we will tell you how to download and apply Tala loans fast!

tala loan application

How To Apply For Tala Loan:

Tala Loan App Download

Downloading TALA app is easy, all you have to do is to head over to Google play store on your Smartphone to download and install the app the process may take up to 2 minutes or less. You can also download Tala app ApK from other platforms if you are a tech savvy.
It’s that simple and you are good to apply for a Tala loan

Once the app is fully installed it will scan your SMS folder for Mpesa transaction history and your voice call pattern history to build a credit score. In addition you will be prompted to fill in basic information that includes your phone number and answering correctly the personal questions provided. The loan qualification is dependent on the feedback one gives on the personal questions asked.

Immediately your done Tala will process your information and will get back to you to check whether you have qualified and also to view the amount of loan you have qualified for.

How do I apply for a loan at Tala?

Now, how do you apply for Tala loan once you have successfully installed the Tala app

Below are steps for applying for Tala loan
1. Open the Tala App
2. Select your language
3. Select either I’m new then create account or sign in
4. Enter your Mpesa number
5. Enter pin for number
6. Wait for the main Tala Mobile App page to load and proceed with the below steps.
7. Select Apply Now and answer the question that follow
It’s that easy!!

What Happens To Tala Loan Defaulters?

Remember to pay your Tala loan within the Tala loan repayment period. Failure to which you will be classified as a Tala Loan Defaulter and you may be subjected to penalties. Some of the penalties subjected to loan defaulters in Kenya include:

  • Addition of an extra charges on top of what you are supposed to pay back
  • Being blacklisted by the Credit Reference Board(CRB) which may mean that you won’t access loans from other platforms for long.
  • A drop in your Tala Loan credit score thus you won’t borrow more from Tala in future


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